If you would like to make your home more environmentally friendly, then you are in luck, there are several changes you can make to your plumbing and heating to support the environment. Adopting eco-friendly habits has never been more important than it is right now. The pace of global warming and at which the polar ice caps are melting is not slowing down. For real change to happen, each and everyone of us has to play our part. To do your bit for the environment, you can make a series of changes in your property, some of these are bigger than others.

Install an eco-condensing boiler

One of the most significant changes you can make in your property to make it greener is to have an eco-condensing boiler installed. Since 2005, the law has stipulated that all new gas central heating systems need to incorporate condensing technology to some degree. This is because the condensing technology used is energy efficient when compared to older boilers. Some of these new style boilers are more energy efficient than others, you can be even more eco-friendly by choosing a boiler based on its energy efficiency.

A condensing boiler ensures that there are no wasted gases. Most boilers burn either oil or gas to produce heat, this causes a chemical reaction to take place. These chemicals produce steam or carbon dioxide which in older systems would be disposed of via a waste pipe. However, with a condensing boiler, these gases are used to create additional heat. Not only does this save energy, it will save you money too on your energy bills. You can read more about the different types of boilers available in this article.

Smart heating systems

Technology is constantly advancing, you should embrace it! You can now integrate smart technology into your home, allowing you to control everything from your thermostat to your lighting. Many people confuse smart home technology as overly complicated and difficult to install, this couldn’t be further from reality. Our Ipswich Plumbers regularly install Hive Active Heating when installing a new central heating system or boiler, so we can assure you, it does not take long at all. It is definitely worthwhile, you can save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills every year by integrating smart technology into your home.

What is a smart thermostat? Well, a regular thermostat is a box which enables you to control the temperature throughout your property. Whereas, a smart thermostat takes the level of control that you have over the climate in your property to a whole new level. You can install a smart thermostat anywhere in your property, more often than not, they connect via wireless to a control panel which is integrated with your boiler. With a smart thermostat, you will be able to take complete control, setting schedules based on your specific lifestyle. Left the house with the heating on? This will never be a problem again, you can switch it off right from your phone; no matter where you are in the world. This level of control is unprecedented, giving you the freedom to ensure that your property will be heated as and when you need it to be. Gone are the days of coming home to a cold house!

Even better still, with a smart thermostat, you will be able to track your energy consumption on a daily basis. It will enable you to determine where you are using the most energy, allowing you to change your habits to help the environment. When your property reaches your desired temperature, the system will regulate it throughout your property to ensure that energy is only being used to achieve your desired climate.

If you are interested in having a smart heating system installed in your property, our Plumbers in Ipswich will have you up and running in no time at all, you can request your free quote here.

Fix dripping taps and leaks

One of the most common and easiest issues to ignore in your property is a small leak, perhaps from a dripping tap. The short term financial burden of a repair will always outweigh the potential damage that can be caused by neglecting a leak. Unfortunately, over time, a small leak can result in a lot of water being wasted, and if it is from a hot tap, a lot of energy can be consumed too. Any water or energy loss is never eco-friendly and fixing such an issue promptly is important for having a greener home.

Reduce your water temperature

Do you ever find that your hot water tap is far too hot? The temperature of this water is controlled by your water heater, reducing the temperature is one way that you can reduce your energy consumption and in turn be a little nicer to the environment. Play around with the temperature until you find the sweet spot that is perfect for you and your family.

Most water heaters are set by default to around 60 degrees, you may find that somewhere around 50 degrees is more tolerable. Not only does the heat get wasted when the water is too hot for you to use, but it also increases the build up of minerals in your pipework. Resetting the temperature on your thermostat is easy to do. However, make sure to check the recommended temperature for any water based appliances before you make any changes. For example, dishwashers and washing machines may require the water to be a specific temperature to kill bacteria. To find out all the information you need regarding temperatures, please consult the handbook which came with your appliance.

Install solar panels

By far one of the greenest adjustments you can make to your property is to use a source of renewable energy. The best option is likely to be the installation of solar panels onto the roof of your property. In recent years, the UK Government has created funding schemes to encourage homeowners to purchase solar panels. Usually, these schemes enable you to save a significant amount of money in the future – renewable technology is definitely an investment.

The principle of using the sun to generate energy for your home is the fact that the sun is always going to be there, thus its energy is reusable. Granted, the UK does not always have the tropical weather found in many other parts of the world, but the installation of solar technology will definitely reduce your bills! You will be doing your part for the environment too because you will be using less natural resources such as crude oil. The process of harvesting energy is effortless. Once your panels have been installed, you literally have to do nothing. You will essentially be getting free energy, it is just the initial outlay that you have to worry about; after years of use, it will definitely pay dividends. When the weather is not too lovely outside, you will always be able to fall back on your traditional energy supply.

We are at a crossroads, if we all do our part to help the environment, the damage mankind has caused to our planet may be reversed. However, you need to do your part; the changes discussed in this article are practical, and if you are not concerned with being eco-friendly, a lot of the methods mentioned will help you save money. If you would like to adopt any of the plumbing or heating related methods discussed above in your property, you can schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable Plumbers in Ipswich who will be more than happy to help.