In the colder months, there is nothing better than a toasty home! Choosing the most suitable central heating system for your property can be a daunting task. As technology has continued to advance, the range of heating systems available to you is bigger than ever before. Installing underfloor heating in your home is one way to heat up your property. It can be used as either your primary source of heat or as a secondary system. Imagine stepping out of your shower onto warm tiles, it is the perfect solution for those bitter December mornings. This article will discuss some of the main advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating.

Should I choose electric or water underfloor heating?

There are two different types of underfloor heating, these are electric and water. The electrical system uses electricity cables that run beneath your floor to generate heat. Similarly, the water based system uses pipes below your floor. To produce the heat, a source pumps hot water through the pipes which warms the floor. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both systems, ultimately the choice between the two will depend on which solution is most suitable for your specific property.

Why choose underfloor heating?

If you choose to install underfloor heating in your property, one of the most notable advantages is the amount of space you will free-up by removing bulky and unsightly radiators. This will open-up space in your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in your house, making it appear more spacious, and leaving more room for furnishings.

In addition to this, underfloor heating is significantly more energy efficient than a traditional, radiator based system. To keep a room heated, your average radiator will operate between 65 – 75 degrees Celsius. Whereas, with underfloor heating, the pipes will only need to be heated to 29 Celsius. Not only does this save energy, it reduces your carbon footprint and if that is not enough for you, it will save you a shed load of money too.

It also provides a safety bonus for families with young children, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your young children are not going to burn themselves on hot pipes or catch themselves on the sharp corners of a traditional radiator. With underfloor heating, everything is neatly tucked away out of sight. To utilise your underfloor heating to its full potential, you can have a Hive smart heating system installed, allowing you to effortlessly control the climate in your property from the intuitive thermostat or from your smart phone.

Would underfloor heating be suitable for you?

Although underfloor heating can be advantageous, it can be a hindrance too. We have established the advantages, it is important to understand the disadvantages too.

The most significant factor that deters people from underfloor heating is the cost and disruption caused by installation. If you are building a new property, then it is a no brainer. But, if you are looking to replace your existing system, then you need to be prepared for a degree of disruption; particularly if you would like underfloor heating throughout your property. The installation will likely require a plumber and an electrician. This is because the electrical cables need to be connected to your property’s electricity supply.

In terms of the installation time-frame, this will depend on a number of factors; including, who you hire to complete the project. Fortunately, our Ipswich plumbers have plenty of experience with installing underfloor heating systems in Ipswich, so we will be in and out before you know it! However, the implementation of an underfloor heating system should never be rushed, it has to be done right – otherwise, you will encounter issues. It is important to ensure that your floor is completely level before laying the heating pads. This may require a self-levelling compound to be installed before the heating system can be put in.

We understand that an underfloor heating system is likely to be a considerable investment for you, but you should remember that in the long run, you will reap the rewards. It requires little to no maintenance, and you will save money on your energy bill, so the initial outlay will pay dividends in the future.

Underfloor heating in Ipswich

If you are considering the installation of an underfloor heating system, our Plumbers in Ipswich are equipped to help. We offer a free consultation, so if you are under as to which heating system is suitable for your property, our Ipswich Plumbers will run through the different options available with you. Request your free, no obligation consultation.