In the United Kingdom, it is common to have a small bathroom. With an average of three meters square or less to work with, designing a small bathroom can be a challenge! Don’t worry though, our Plumbers in Ipswich have an eye for design and are equipped with the skill required to transform even the smallest of bathrooms. In this article, our Ipswich based Plumbers will share several tips and tricks which can be applied to enhance the design of your bathroom.


When designing and decorating any room in your house, the first step should be to consider the colour scheme, this will shape the rest of the process. Designing a bathroom can be the perfect opportunity to experiment with vibrant colours such as a deep blue or even a teal. If you have a small bathroom, you should aim to create the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is, this is best achieved by sticking to a light colour pallet. To have this effect, our Ipswich Plumbers recommend choosing white as the predominant colour – or an off white – this is because bright colours may end up making the room look even smaller which is not the desired outcome.

In addition to this, to make the most of the space that you have, it is probably worthwhile to use a consistent colour scheme. If you use the same, or a very similar colour throughout the room, on the walls, ceiling and floor, this will elongate the space and really open it up. Picking the right colour tone is crucial when trying to make a small bathroom look bigger!


When you have decided on a colour scheme, our next port of call is to consider the lighting. In our experience, brighter lighting will make a small bathroom feel less cramped. Therefore, it is our advice to install bright bulbs to avoid your bathroom looking small and dull.

You may want to consider Philips Hue as an option for your lighting, not only in your bathroom, but throughout your property. Hue from Philips is a smart lighting product which can be controlled from the switch or your phone. Even better still, you can easily change the colour and brightness of the bulb, so if you are looking to set the mood for your peaceful evening bath, then Hue may be the solution for you.

As well as electric lighting, you should consider natural lighting too. You should ensure that as much natural light enters your bathroom as possible. To do this, avoid thick blinds or netting which will block out the sun. You can aid the lighting by including mirrors within your bathroom’s design, this will reflect the light around your bathroom making it appear brighter and more spacious.

Use Glass

When decorating a small bathroom, one of the worst design choices you could possibly make is to close off the space available. For instance, we would strongly advise against installing a shower curtain in a bathroom with limited space. Even though a curtain is not constantly closed, when it is, the room will instantly appear to be smaller. To avoid this, our Bathroom Designers in Ipswich would install a glass panel.

Wall-Hung Furniture

For a contemporary look, you can invest in a wall-hung sink and toilet, this will definitely enhance the appearance of your bathroom. These fixtures free up the space underneath them, instantly making your bathroom look and feel less cluttered.

Depending on the structure of your property, another trick is to hang your bathroom door so that it opens outwards as opposed to inwards. Opening your door outwards would free up more space in your bathroom.


When you have a small bathroom, it is important to avoid getting carried away with too many patterns and colours. Tiles come in many different styles; sometimes, less is more and this logic should be applied when choosing a tile. With limited space, white coloured tiles or other plain coloured tiles will be more effective at opening up the space when compared to patterned tiles.

You should also consider the shape of the tiles you wish to have installed. In interior design, long lines and shapes give the perspective of a longer room. Instead of sticking to the standard square tile, maybe you should opt for a rectangular tile and have them installed horizontally.

In addition to this, instead of only tiling a section of your bathroom’s walls, it may be a smart idea to tile the entire bathroom. This way, you can avoid having horizontal lines dividing up the wall. If tiling the whole wall is not an option for you, then ensure that the paint you choose for the rest of the wall is somewhat similar to the colour of the tiles – this will definitely help to make your bathroom look bigger!

Large Floor Tiles

If you have a small bathroom, then the last thing you want to do is to choose small floor tiles. People tend to believe that a larger quantity of smaller tiles will make their bathroom look bigger, this couldn’t be further from reality! Instead, they end up making their bathroom look even smaller. Laying down larger tiles creates fewer lines on your bathroom floor which creates the illusion of a bigger room.

Bathroom Designers in Ipswich

Do you want to transform your small bathroom? Our Plumbers in Ipswich will apply the techniques discussed within this article to ensure that your bathroom’s design utilises the space available to its full potential. For a quality Bathroom Design in Ipswich, schedule your free consultation by phoning 01473 561013.